Nothing Happens in August

Sunset, huge sky

Sunset at Cley next the sea, Norfolk

An August blog about family and friends

Caroline’s Columbian boyfriend has asked her to marry him.
Kirsty broke up with her English boyfriend because he is too controlling.
Fiona is close to breaking up with her Scottish boyfriend because he is too controlling.
Mary has broken up again with her Irish boyfriend. I don’t know why.
David is raising money to fight cancer in memory of his partner.

Vicky’s nephew turned 14, and has begun to wear aftershave

Sheila’s daughter will soon be 21.
Morag has gone to Scotland to visit her mother.
Gary is taking his family to Germany for the whole of August.
Seamus has gone with his wife to visit her family in Tunisia.
Matias has gone to stay with his family in Argentina.
Pippa and her partner are going to work in a garden in Sicily.
Nabil is leaving his job and going to work in Australia to spend time with his son.

Elizabeth is crowdfunding for a global network to take action on climate change

Pedro is being interviewed for a radio programme about his life in three parts.
I read a book about the five lives of Maynard Keynes.
My 90-year-old widowed aunt misses her husband.
Joyce walks up and down the street to escape loneliness.
The lady who lives next door, who is also 90, is in hospital again.
I’ve been asked to speak at a graduation ceremony in November.

The raspberries in the garden at Ham House are nearly all picked

Tom went with a friend to a secret music festival.
Quentin is not coming to London because he has to retake some papers.
After trying to have a baby many times, Kathy is going to adopt.
Dean’s mother is close to death.
Rhuari is going to be a father for the first time.

The Wrong Trousers

After paying £10.00 to replace my Oyster Card, I found it in the back pocket of trousers I keep ‘for best’.
One of the cows that live on Richmond meadow has learned to jump the fence.
My vocabulary is growing: de-banking, hollowed out, and sex litter.
One of my sister’s cats was killed by a hit and run driver.
Alfred had a fatal stroke. He was ten years younger than me.

The head gardener made me a mug of delicious tea

A visitor to the St John’s Lodge Gardens told me I am doing a wonderful job.
Today there was a record amount of fox poo all over the garden.
I’m thinking about taking the RHS exams.
My old flat is covered in scaffolding.
My current flat is covered in scaffolding.
I started a blog about scaffolding as therapy.

Tom and Paul upstairs are getting married

I’ve been invited to a wedding in Quebec.
I’m reading a book about a 1930s ménage á trois.
I’ve chosen a blue grey paint to decorate the hall. Or is it grey blue?
I’m giving a pre-dinner talk about leadership in Oxford in September.
Adrian is having an operation on his knee.

Tonight as I walked home from the gym I noticed that it was already getting dark

I am learning how to swim the crawl.
Dean swims up and down the pool fully clothed. He is training to be a stunt man.
Neil is taking an exam so he has a piece of paper to show he is qualified to do what he does.
Julian, who takes a popular circuit at the YMCA, made us work extra hard to compensate for his absence in August.
Frances, who teaches yoga, is also taking a break in August.
I became a member of the Kent and East Sussex Railway.

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