Training and Capacity Development

Training and Capacity Development

Kellow Training is led by Edward Kellow bringing members of the global Kellow Learning network onboard as and when required for local expertise, specialist content, large scale events etc. Edward explains the Kellow Learning approach he has developed over the past 20 years working in the field.

“Edward is a very inspiring, creative and resourceful trainer. He is able to make a group of people who do not know each other feel comfortable quickly and then able to engage them at a deep level. He challenges your ideas, makes you dive into yourself, establishes linkages between people, and does this with lots of creativity, fun and reflection. Edward creates a positive learning environment that guides people to reach their full potential, and to achieve their goals.”
Marco van der Ree, Chief, Partnerships Section, United Nations Volunteers

What I do

I am a highly engaging, creative, and resourceful trainer with over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering bespoke leadership and capacity building events, all over the world. One of my strengths is that I am able to communicate and connect with participants from different sectors and cultures. I make concepts and tools accessible and relevant to the group and their context. I create memorable learning experiences that develop skills and knowledge, and foster a greater sense of shared purpose and values.

Key ingredients of my training approach

How do I do this?

  • I listen carefully to my clients’ needs and work with them to plan the best possible learning solution
  • I create a collaborative learning environment where participants can listen and be heard
  • I engage participants in different ways so that they feel able to share their experience and knowledge with each other
  • I select practical tools and techniques that participants can take away and use
  • I specialise in experiential learning journeys that take participants out of the conference room, and out of their comfort zones. In practice, a 3-5 day programme will include site visits and conversations with experts, communities and organisations that have relevant experience and knowledge to share
  • I can deliver blended learning programmes that may include e-learning, skills based learning, project and challenge based learning, coaching, and Peer2Peer learning.
  • I plan events systematically, and I will depart from the plan when my intuition tells me that the interest of the group lies elsewhere
  • I encourage participants to have fun while they are learning.

Who I work with

I work with a wide range of organisations including businesses, government, multilateral organisations, NGOs, and universities. I mainly teach soft skills in the context of leadership, change, and sustainability. I have worked with all ages and levels of seniority, from young leaders (18-24) to middle managers, and senior directors.

“Edward’s contribution to help shape the format of the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development, at the University of Oxford has been excellent. He addresses leadership in a clear and direct way, showing students how the knowledge that they are developing in sustainable urbanism can be implemented in the work place, and applied to their own professional career strategies. Edward brings his own original enthusiasm, engagement and leadership skills very carefully, but effectively, to both class room and work environments”.
David Howard MSUD Course DirectorLecturer in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford


I have a track record of delivering training in English, French and Russian.


I have a particular interest in and experience of delivering training in leadership and sustainability, communications, stakeholder engagement, training and facilitation skills.To learn more about how I work in these areas please click on the links below .