Sustainable Coaching Manifesto

Towards a Sustainable Coaching Manifesto

Some people think that coaching is a short-term solution, the equivalent of applying a sticking plaster to the symptoms of a problem, rather than tackling the underlying causes. Coaching has also been criticised because only the relatively well-paid can afford to have a coach. For these reasons, coaching may be said to perpetuate silos and inequality of opportunity in organisations, which is the exact opposite of the kind of collaborative organisational culture needed to encourage creative and more sustainable ways of thinking and doing.

If coaching tools and methods were cascaded across organisations and networks, then I think coaching would become a means of empowering people and communities to work towards a more sustainable future for all. If you are interesting in the concept of sustainable coaching you might like to read my ‘Sustainable Coaching Manifesto’. The manifesto is still a work in progress. Feel free to email me your comments and suggestions for improving it.