Other Resources

Other Resources

BBC Podcasts

I regularly download podcasts of a BBC Radio 4 programme called Start the Week which is a lively round table discussion hosted by the excellent media presenter and journalist, Andrew Marr. The people who come on this programme (usually to promote a book!) are an inspiring bunch of international thinkers, writers and innovators from every possible walk of life. I can also recomment two BBC radio programmes that deal with sustainability: Crossing Continents and Costing the Earth. You can download and keep podcasts of all these programmes.


I came fairly recently to The Farnam Street Blog which is a collection of good thinking and approaches to leadership from the internet. Subscribing saves you the trouble of looking for good new (and old) ideas. Interestingly I first heard about Farnam Street through a friend who works in learning and sustainability. Then I discovered quite by accident that the guy who runs Farnam Street sits in an office close to my cousin who lives and works in North America. How’s that for globalisation and connectivity?

The Financial Times Week-end Edition

You might be surprised to know that one of the most consistent sources of information about leadership and sustainability for me is the weekend edition of the Financial Times. I particularly enjoy ‘Lunch with the FT’, where global leaders are invited to have lunch with an FT journalist. What they say is often very revealing. There are other regular leadership profiles, Martin Wolf and Alan Beattie writing about economics, Gillian Tett’s column on social economic and environmental issues in the USA and beyond, and Harry Eyres’ more philosophical column called ‘The Slow Lane’. Eyres often writes about environment, human values and social change.

The week-end FT also has book reviews, and many of the books that I have recommended in this list first came to my attention in the FT. I’m no economist, but reading the FT with a leadership and sustainability lens, I usually always find something interesting, serious and never cynical.

The Economist

An annual subscription to The Economist is worth it, in my opinion, for the blogs, the book reviews and the weekly obituary. Where else could you read an article about lessons for business leaders and entrepreneurs taken from the cult TV show Breaking Bad?

TED Talks

You can find a TED talk about almost aspect of leadership and change.

Don’t know where to start? If you go to the TED website you can search for the most watched talks, ever.

RSA videos are also good.