Kellow Learning Resources

Kellow Learning Resources and Programs

Here is a very personal list of books, articles, videos, and other materials that have helped me to develop my thinking about global leadership and sustainability challenges and opportunities.

Given that leadership for sustainable development is so complex, I think it helps to approach the subject from different angles. Personally I enjoy a mixture of fact, fiction and other media. I should say that I have read most of these books but not all. One of my bad habits is to order a book and then move on to something new that has caught my attention.

How to make the most of the learning resources list

Realising that long lists can be off putting, I have grouped the materials in the list under headings. My idea is that you will find it more enjoyable to browse the headings and then choose something that looks interesting to you. Sometimes I felt that a book could sit under more than one heading. I tried to choose the topic that seemed most relevant.

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