Kellow Learning creates transformational learning experiences that help people to think and act differently.

Kellow Learning brings people together in the right context, and steers them with confidence, sensitivity and authenticity enabling participants to leave their comfort zone, open up and grow.


Kellow training opens the door to a future of curiosity. Participants develop an increased self-awareness and independence, equipped and ready for a life of continuous learning.


We give what we expect of our participants: honesty, openness and authenticity enabling trust, which is essential for collaborative working and building supportive networks within and beyond the Kellow Learning event.

Bespoke service

We work closely with our clients to build impactful learning events tailored to their needs that bring about individual and organisational change and growth.

Systematic design

Each event is carefully designed, selecting and adapting a range of tools and techniques and identifying the appropriate learning environment to match our clients’ particular circumstances and objectives/desired outcomes.


Flexibility is as important as the detailed systematic preparation that goes into each Kellow Learning experience. Decades of experience gives us the confidence to be spontaneous, creative and take risks, adapting the programme on the spot to meet the changing needs of a group.

Lasting impact

We believe that it’s the chemistry created between people and place that make learning memorable. Whether it’s taking a team out and about on location to address real challenges, working in the peaceful security of a retreat house or simply setting the tone for an office based event, we take care to create the right environment for each learning experience.

Vision and Values

Building and strengthening shared vision and values is a Kellow Learning cornerstone.


Essential to address complexity and uncertainty, Kellow Learning develops a collaborative approach to working with an emphasis on Peer-2-Peer learning, group exercises and team work.


Kellow Learning takes experiential learning to a new dimension, immersing participants in real leadership or sustainability challenges, embedding learning in the moment.


We encourage creative problem solving, bringing an inventive perspective and playfulness encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zone to see and think differently.


We aim to make ourselves redundant. Participants leave equipped with tools and techniques to carry on their learning journey independently and collaboratively at home and at work.


We specialise in creating lasting learning alliances, which continue learning together after the programme is over.