Meet the Network

Meet the Network

Here are some of the talented and inspiring change makers with whom I work around the world.


Dr Lyndall Bull

Dr Lyndall Bull has extensive domestic and international experience in the forest and agribusiness sectors incorporating strategic management, innovation, product development, forest policy and research management. Complementing her technical expertise is Lyndall’s extensive project and program management experience. Lyndall has a PhD in innovation in the forest sector and is recognised internationally for her expertise in that area.


West and Eastern Europe

Dr Capucine Carrier, CMC, ACC

Capucine accompanies international teams on their journey to making sense of a complex world and collaborating for the outcomes they want. A change consultant, facilitator and executive coach, she is the founder of NeoAxis®.

Capucine Carrier

Chris Grieve, United Kingdom

Executive coach, consultant, facilitator, Executive Director of Meridian Prime, passionate about helping people and organisations make shift happen.

Chris Grieve, United Kingdom

Martin Gilbraith

Martin is an independent facilitator, trainer and consultant based in London, UK.  He is a Certified Professional Facilitator of the International Association of Facilitators, and former IAF Chair and IAF Europe Director. He is President of the Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI), and an Associate and former Chief Executive of ICA:UK. He has been facilitating and training, specialising in ICA’s ToP facilitation methodology, since 1986. – twitter: @martingilbraith

Martin 200 x 200

Jane Kirton, Msc, ACC

Jane Kirton works as an executive coach and advisor on organisational development. She believes strongly that by deepening our awareness and understanding of ourselves and the environments in which we work, we can strengthen our contribution and performance.

Her consultancy focuses on simple talent management techniques which enable strategic goals to be realised and, having spent much of her career with the UK ‘mutual’, the John Lewis Partnership, inclusive approaches to securing organisational engagement and commitment to change.


Sophie des Clers

Sophie des Clers has a wide experience in participative design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of fisheries and aquaculture development projects in the UK, wider Europe and Africa. She holds a doctorate in quantitative biology from Lyon University and an MSc in Public Policy from University College London (UCL). She developed a participatory mapping protocol with fishermen in the Greater Thames Estuary to collect and communicate their local knowledge and is passionate about bringing professional fishermen, fish traders, scientists and fisheries managers together.


sophie_bio-light 200

Wiebke Herding

Wiebke is an experienced communications consultant, helping world-changing organisations communicate better since 1998 In 2011, she founded ON:SUBJECT, a specialized communications agency dedicated to creating momentum for sustainability.

As a Certified Professional Facilitator, she excels at designing processes that get things done – together.


Wiebke Herding, The Netherlands

Melody Hossaini, United Kingdom 

Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International, Melody has reached over 1 million people in over 100 countries. She is one of the leading youth sector figures in the UK with an equally strong profile globally, including predominantly in the Middle East.

Melody Hossaini, United Kingdom

Leonardo Martins Dias, Brazil and Spain

Leo is a strategic sustainability advisor – connecting, influencing, co-creating with people and organisations to build a more inclusive, peaceful and harmonious world. Leo works with deprived communities such as Rio’s favelas along with those in London, Madrid, Mexico, Ottawa and Sri Lanka.

Leonardo Martins Dias, Brazil and Spain

Mehrdad Nazari, USA and UK

Mehrdad is the CSR & ESIA Practice Leader, and Director of Prizma with over 20 years of international experience. He contributes to and troubleshoots bankable environmental and social impact assessments. His advisory practice and training is focused on IFC Performance Standards, Equator Principles and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Mehrdad Nazari, USA

Rebecca Nestor

Rebecca Nestor is a facilitator and leadership developer, working primarily with organisations whose purpose is public service, health care, education, humanitarian work, community development, or campaigning against injustice and poverty. She is an associate of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and also runs her own company Learning for Good. Rebecca is a Designated Trainer for Carbon Conversations. She loves working with groups to help them understand and address challenges, work out their purpose, and clarify their values.

Rebecca Nestor

Yanina Taneva, Bulgaria

Founder of the Ideas Factory collective for creativity & communication for social change. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Yanina delivers leadership and social entrepreneur training for young people all over Europe and Africa.

Yanina Taneva

West Africa

Umar Kawu, Nigeria

Umar Kawu is a Leadership and Management Development Consultant who has 25 years global experience spanning over 30 countries and enjoys working with people and organisations to make them better at what they already do very well.

Umar Kawu

Titi Tade, Nigeria

Titi works as a Senior Medical Social Worker at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Nigeria. A lecturer, trainer and facilitator, Titi has garnered over ten years international experience working with a focus on capacity development within diverse groups. Titi is a member of the Health Research and Ethics Committee of LUTH and consults for Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs).


Southern and East Africa

Professor Sosten Chiotha, Malawi

Regional Director of LEAD Southern and East Africa, Professor Chiotha wears many different hats. Lead author of the 2010 “State of Environment and Outlook Report for Malawi”, and a contributor to Malawi’s National Environmental Action Plan, Professor Chiotha currently heads up a number of major projects in Malawi including the Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Adaptation Programme.


Erika Joubert, South Africa

Erika Joubert is based in South Africa and is currently working as an independent development practitioner with more than 20 years experience in the development sector. She has experience working in research, academia and in the non-profit NGO sector. She provides training in advocacy & lobbying, HIV/AIDS & gender mainstreaming, integrated development, monitoring & evaluation etc. Other skills and experience include programme development & evaluation, participatory research (PRA methodology) & needs assessments, as well as co-ordination of networks & partnership building.  See


Deepa Pullanikkatil, Malawi 

Deepa is a highly versatile project manager, consultant and facilitator, having studied and gained experience in India and Lesotho. Previously Programme Head for Water and Environmental Engineering at Lerotholi Polytechnic, Lesotho, Deepa currently works for LEAD Southern and East Africa in Malawi, where she manages a population and climate change project.


North and South America

John Lewis, Canada

John is the President and Founder of Intelligent Futures. Intelligent Futures specialises in creative approaches for urbanism, community development and engagement processes. John was part of the team that delivered the winning training course on sustainable cities at Rio+20.

John Lewis, Canada

Matias Linder, Argentina and Portugal

Matias is passionate about bringing sustainable change. He has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of leadership and organisational development, change management, capacity building, human resources management, programme development and project management. He has worked extensively in Latin America and Europe, having gained experience in international organisations, NGOs, the private sector and consultancy. Photo by Claudia Leisinger

Matias Linder 200 x 200

Hugh Maynard, Canada

Hugh is a consulting specialist and owner of Qu’anglo Communications & Consulting , an enterprise with a focus on communications, strategic planning and development initiatives for agricultural and rural communities.

Hugh Maynard, Canada



Alexander Amirtham, South India

Alexander is passionate about reconnecting children with nature. Currently, he is developing contemporary garden project called GREENS Biodiversity Sanctuary in South India. With more than 20 years’ experience in conservation and environment education, Alexander has developed a unique and innovative education outreach programme called “ecoclub network schools”.

Alexander Amirtham

South East Asia

Wilson Ang, Singapore

Founder of Eco Singapore, Wilson is a persistent sustainability practitioner aiming to promote responsible consumerism for a more sustained planet through social entrepreneurship and public education.

Wilson Ang, Singapore

Eugene Tay, Singapore

Founder and Director of Green Future Solutions, Eugene is a sustainability consultant and maven who likes to spread the environmental message and inspire others to take action.

Eugene Tay, Singapore

Candy Hernandez, Indonesia

Head of the Media Centre and Assistant Dean of the Mass Communication Department of The London School of Public Relations in Jakarta.

Candy Hernandez, Indonesia

Baby Ruth Villarama, The Philippines

Co-founder of Voyage Studios, Baby Ruth is film producer who specialises in story research & documentary production. She works as a South-East Asia media liaison for international organisations.

Baby Ruth Villarama, The Philippines